Friday, November 23, 2012

Feeling good!

No really..I am.

Christmas is coming soon (sorry to remind you) and that usually brings on an onslaught of angst and sorrow. I had a bad afternoon yesterday thinking about how my family has really twindled to just my mom and how so very, very sad that makes me.  And then, I just...stopped.  No spiraling, no moping, no railing and crying and blogging and ..whatever. I just stopped.

It was awesome.  It reminded me that that's the way I need to be about EVERYTHING - good, bad, sad, happy, scary, exciting....Feel it, then, stop.  Do not let the day go by without noticing all the other wonderful and awful things happening.

That, Lisa, is life.  And living it, with good, bad and ugly is so, so much better then just plowing through with a scowl on your face, or feeling sorry for your sad self or too intimidated to go be with people.

Daily Check In
- I've gotten just over 6K every day this week, with one day at almost 9k! Very happy with that!
- Fruits and veggies - seem to be more of a struggle from wednesday to friday BUT i reminded myself there is a Sobey's right across the street from my work - no reason not to run across and grab something healthy there.  Yesterday I bought cubed watermelon with a bit of trepidation. I don't really like watermelon.  However it seems that the non-smoking Lisa LOVES watermelon!!  YUM!
- Try one new recipe a week - done! See this post for details!
- The no night time eating is SO easy when hubby is not home.  However he arrived back last night so this weekend will be The Big Test!
- Keep sodium down to 1500 - check!  But when I went for one more test yesterday at the docs and told her of my 1500 goal she recommended 1000. Um. hrm.  Ok, so we agreed on 1200 for a few weeks to see how I do.  Given the option between double fudge chocolate cake with buttercream chocolate icing and a bowl of plain, ripple chips - i'm going for the chips.  So, although I don't add salt to any meal served, I do love me my salt.  I'm just trying to remind myself this isn't's just to get healthy.  Then we'll see what happens:)

So, that's me for this week.  Nothing too exciting..which is SO ok with me!



Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

Holidays do come with a bit of gloominess, don't they? I'm so happy you're able to "feel the gloom" and then shift back to the good things going on around you.

November 25, 2012 at 11:58 AM

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