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It hit me yesterday, like a hammer, a 2x4, a piano from above -you name the metaphor, it collided with my physical being - I miss blogging.

I thought I'd spend some time listing why I miss it,  was it good for me, was it part of my self-destructive pattern? and then I thought " i don't give a crap why I miss it, I just do, so I'm going to do it again".  Yes, I argue with myself consistently. 

So this morning, coffee in hand, I sat down at my desk and smiled happily.  From there, it went something like this:

 Here I go, back into blogland!! Woohoo!!  Shit, I forgot my password.  Ok, I'm in..everything in blogger has changed or moved and it all looks so different!! Where is "view my blog"??  Oh my God there are over 400 posts here..and the last 4 say "oh look everyone! here I am ! trying to lose weight again, sorry for my absence!"  Humiliating, I should delete them.  Wait, don't hit delete all. Wait just one second. There is some good stuff here - you were writing this during a time that no one would expect you to brush your teeth never mind write. Some of it is grade 8 short story crap..some of it is brilliant..all of it is you. Who you were at that moment, on that day.  Lisa, these are just drafts ..


There's a lot of deep babble I could type on about there (think buddhism, dr. phil, dr. oz, oprah and Piers Morgan all rolled into one blogging marathon) and so..I will spare you all the details.

Suffice it to say I have over 400 posts in draft mode now.   This is me, who I am today.

Going back to something I miss.  I think that's a step in the right direction no?

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