Saturday, December 1, 2012

Whew what a week!

 Somehow, someway, this very "non-morning person" person hauled her arse out of bed at 6:30 am and did a workout video every day except Friday.

I don't like workout videos.  By the third time i'm usually thinking to myself  "oh shut up already, you've said that a million times".  Now, obviously, they haven't - they've said it three times.  And what part of my brain still expects a DVD to change it's script after the third time watching it?

Regardless, I did it.  I did the 1 mile of Walking Away The Pounds.  It got my heart going but I was only all sweaty and out of breath Thursday which I'm happy about.  It's not a super hard core, biggest loser style work out..but it's something, and right now, I'm happy to be doing something.

Next week's goal? Get up at 6:15 and do the 2 mile.

I've also walked at lunch for 30 minutes every day except Friday.  I'm a little worried about when the snow hits and it makes walking treacherous but by then I might be allowed back to the gym. If not, I guess I'll start swimming at night.

The blood pressure still isn't lowering though. Not quite sure when I'm supposed to see a difference but I'm hoping to see the doc next week and follow up with her on that.

The no night time eating thing is a lot tougher when hubby is home. Like, a lot tougher. I have had 1-2 nights of indulging in whatever treat he has made himself but last night taught me a lesson.  He steamed up some Montreal Smoked Meat (that we bought in Montreal lol) and I had a couple of slices.  Within an  hour i had palpitations, a head ache and everything hurt.  Too much salt. Lesson learned and not likely to be repeated.

And I reached my November Goals - tried new foods (spaghetti squash,  tilapia fillets, and this gawd awful good for you canned soup). And lost 5lbs.  So on to December!




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