Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's the little things

I feel fabulous :)
 I didn't run a marathon, climb a mountain, finish a MudRun (but man that last one would be awesome!).   I didn't eat completely on track and discover a new food. No great epiphanies. Not even amazing sex (hubby's out of town so really, no sex at all lol).
I just..put together some clothes in my closet and ..well..I look great!!  Usually I end up at my desk thinking "Sigh, my pants are too short" or " This would look great if I could only wear boots with heels" .."Too bad I forgot my earrings" "argh how did my nail polish chip in my sleep??"
Not today!! Today I stepped outside my comfort zone a bit for my boss.  He has a very important person coming to visit the office today to "evaluate how we can improve".  My boss is a bit of a character, and so far, I really like him (we've only been together 2 months so we are still in the honeymoon stage of things.  He's a smart cookie, which I admire.  I also recognize that although they advertised for an Admin Coordinator (and that's what I walked in wanting) I am actually his Exec Admin.  Exec Admin's to President's make about 10K more a year then Admin Coordinators here.  But, his company is privately owned, the money comes out of his pocket, and I get it. I knew it going in so there are no hard feelings.
 I wanted to give him an Exec Admin for this person he is trying to show our best side to.  Last night, I went around and cleaned and spruced up the office a bit.  Sent out an email to all staff asking them to spiffy up around their desks. Totally hid the piles around my desk.  
 So this morning, I thought, should spiffy up too.  Jumped up at 6:15 and put myself together.  Now, after all this ramp up my outfit is very simple.  Black pumps, black tights, grey pencil skirt, and this fabulous Jacob sweater thing I bought a few months ago. Silver jewellery, perfect make up, and even my hair decided to not look homeless today :)
Amazing how much better I feel about the world in general when I feel better about myself.  I'm not making any self-promises to pull this off every day.  It's taken me 43 years to have one day where I feel just right in my clothes for one day.  But one day can lead to two..maybe not consecutively but you string enough of them together and that makes for a pretty great feeling compared to the schlump I usually feel like:)
So go on..put on a bit of gloss.  It makes everything seem a bit shinier:)



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